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Ladies Clubs

One of Tanganda's objectives is to reach Zimbabwean customers through interaction with communities. There are a number of ladies clubs in most cities which are involved in various self help projects and activities that cover income generation, as well as recreational and social topics. These clubs use existing Council infrastructures, communication centres and Social Welfare offices in major centres and Tanganda has been reaching out to these clubs for a long time.


Women's Clubs have been around in Zimbabwe for a number of years and Tanganda has been reaching out to these clubs by offering competitions on topics of interest to women of all ages, such as table setting, how to make a good cup of tea, tea education in general and quizzes based on general knowledge and current affairs. Tanganda continued being involved with ladies clubs even during the period of hyper inflation in Zimbabwe to show its commitment to communities and consumers. These Clubs are run at community centres by Councils under the Department of Housing and Community Services and the Tanganda Public Relations and Promotions team works closely with Ladies Clubs volunteers and officials.


For more information contact Tsitsi Kumadiro on Tel: 703786/0772100623 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




Ladies Clubs' visitors are not only home-makers, but business people in their own right with fully owned farmers stalls, agricultural programmes and tuck shops to name a few initiatives. This is one of the most powerful collective social groups in Zimbabwe. Reaching out to them means close interaction with the communities.


The Ladies Clubs teach attendees how to brew the perfect cup of Tanganda tea.


One of the initiatives was the Collect4Success Schools Programme which caused great excitement. The pilot project took place in 31 schools in Harare to promote the concept.  Prizes were given away to children who collected the most packaging for participating for the Tanganda Tea packs.

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